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Our goal at Alpine Acupuncture, LLC is to work together with you to achieve your optimum health. We look forward to resolving your health concerns and providing for your health needs, emphasizing health maintenance and preventative care. Oriental Medicine, which includes Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Chinese Herbs, Tuina Massage, Qigong, and Chinese Dietary Coaching.

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Acupuncture is an essential part of traditional Chinese medicine, a comprehensive system of health care that is used by over one-quarter of the world’s population. Traditional Chinese medical theory explains that pain and disease arise when the natural flow of energy within our body becomes imbalanced or blocked. Acupuncture restores the flow of energy to

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The World Health Organization recognizes over 40 conditions that have proven to be effectively treated with Acupuncture: RESPIRATORY: Sinusitis Common cold and flu Tonsillitis Bronchitis Asthma Allergies MUSCULO-SKELETAL: Frozen shoulder Tennis elbow Back and neck pain Sciatica Osteoarthritis Disc problems Carpal tunnel syndrome Sprains and strains NEUROLOGICAL: Headache and migraine Trigeminal neuralgia Bell’s Palsy Post-operative

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Qi cultivation, along with acupuncture, herbal therapy, dietary counseling, and massage, is one of the healing approaches of Chinese Medicine. Qigong has a long history. In ancient China, people believed that through controlled body movements and mental concentration, paired with various breathing techniques, they could balance and enhance physical, metabolic and mental functions. Qigong is

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Chinese herbal medicine formulae support and further the healing process with scientifically designed non-pharmaceutical medicine.  At Alpine Acupuncture, LLC we use only GMP Certified ingredients.

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