Acupuncture is an essential part of traditional Chinese medicine, a comprehensive system of health care that is used by over one-quarter of the world’s population. Traditional Chinese medical theory explains that pain and disease arise when the natural flow of energy within our body becomes imbalanced or blocked.

Acupuncture restores the flow of energy to its natural state, thus returning the body to health. Other modalities which may be used in treatment are massage, herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, exercise therapy, cupping and heat therapy. By getting at the root of the problem, people often find long term health gain, rather than temporary symptom relief.

Because each person is unique, we will tailor treatment principles and protocols to address your specific need. Treatment length will depend on the nature of your health complaint. Acute problems that are treated early tend to resolve more quickly than persistent or chronic disorders. With patience, chronic conditions can be improved and often resolved. We will discuss a course of treatment with you after a comprehensive intake interview and examination has been completed.

Initial appointment (intake) will last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. Follow up appointments are generally 1 hour.

With acupuncture, you can expect very fine sterile needles, about as thick as a human hair, to be gently inserted at specific points on the body. We may remove these immediately, or leave them in place for 15 to 45 minutes while you rest. People often describe their treatments as very relaxing and notice an increase in health and energy in the hours and days following their acupuncture.

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Is it Safe?

Yes. In fact, there are very few side effects associated with acupuncture, making it ideal for people of all ages and health care needs.


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